Dinar Shops

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four steps to join

What do you have to do to JOIN US?

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  • Fill-in this online form or send us an email with the information of your business.

  • Print or get hold of a copy of the WIM "We accept Dinar and Dirham" sticker, in the language of your preference and display it in a visible place at your shop or business. If you can’t find your chosen language here, send us an email and we
    will make a version of the sticker in your language.

  • Start accepting WIM Dinar and Dirham, as means of payment, in your business.

  • Promote among your clients, suppliers and friends the use of Dinar and Dirham coins
    and be part of the REVOLUTION.

Why should you JOIN US?

Trade should be based on mutual consent and freedom to choose the means of payment.

Paper money does not have value in itself; rather it’s only value is based on legal compulsion enforced by our governments. We, the people, the citizens of the world, the users of these currencies, do not have any control over the value of the money that we have in our pockets, Money that we work hard to obtain. Every day our savings are losing value due to inflation and other factors that are completely beyond our control.

The moment has come for this to change, for us to take the reins of our own wealth. By promoting the circulation of Dinars and Dirhams, we are creating the first gold and silver currency and by expanding the network of acceptability among the people, the possibilities of eliminating paper money altogether, increase exponentially. There is just one way to achieve our aim - by expanding the number of shops and businesses that accept Dinar and Dirham and promote their use among their clients.