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2013 December

Dinar and Dirham at the 1st Malaysia Islamic Children’s Fair

Our hearts and youthful spirits came alive last weekend, as the Shah Alam Convention Centre was transformed into a market and playground, for the 1st Malaysia Islamic Children’s Fair.

The dynamic event, vibrant with the sound of laughter and pattering of running feet, was held from the 22nd to the 24th of November 2013 at the SACC. The three day event, jam packed with a flowing schedule of performances, talks, storytelling, games and even fashion shows, saw the union of conventional academic teaching and an even more fundamental, Islamic education.

The first of its kind, the aim organizers had in mind, as stated in their official website, was to create an event that would narrow the gap between worldly and spiritual education. Their objective was to promote new and creative ways of approaching Islamic education in a holistic way.

This platform created the perfect opportunity for DnD activists to attend and partake in the educational atmosphere of the event.
MICF03Joined by the DnD community from Singapore, our team set up a booth and quickly began interacting with the children through performances, book reading and a number of exciting activities.

With the children enchanted by the short skits and chocolate coin rewards, our team broke down the basic concept of using Dinar and Dirham, an idea the children were able to grasp in a matter of minutes.

Their quick understanding really made one question why fully grown adults so often find difficulty in seeing the easiness of the Dinar and Dirham.

MICF02Our team explained the use and the reasons why we use Dinar and Dirham instead of paper money and the children were then invited to play interactive DnD based games, answering questions about Dinar and Dirham to which they received gold and silver chocolate coin rewards.

The three day event was a brilliant success in educating our youth about the currency of the Muslims. Guests, vendors and children, content with their sales, purchases and sharing of knowledge, saw the event come to a close on Sunday evening. However, the event’s official website has mentioned that organization for another MICF in 2014 is already in the works.